4 Eating Habits That We Should Learn From Virat Kohli

4 Eating Habits That We Should Learn From Virat Kohli

The record breaker, consistent performer and valued captain of Indian cricket; Virat Kohli never fails to amuse us. He’s not only determined sportsman focused towards his cricketing skills, he’s also credited for his tough fitness regime scoring 11 hundreds with 2818 runs internationally, this year. Virat is considered fitness idol by many. His fitness schedule and diet plan needs to be followed by all;
especially aspiring sportsmen.
To all those fans going crazy behind knowing his Fitness regime, we’ve unveiled those secrets below:


1) Consume Home Made Food.
Virat isn’t food junkie. He loves eating fresh home cooked food.  Also, eating less to be in shape doesn’t seem to be Virat’s idea of staying fit.

2) Eat to your heart’s content.
Kohli suggests one to eat his heart’s content, advising him to avoid junk food consumption. He want’s us to substitute fatty foods with healthy alternatives like wheat crackers. This helps you satisfy your ‘in between meal’ hunger cravings; ensuring less calorie intake at the same time.

3) Increase protein consumption.
Virat encourages good amount of protein intake as it helps muscle building, giving you strength and stamina to hit some cracking shots over the boundary line. Speaking of protein rich foods;  Salmon, Sushi and Lamb Chops seem to top his favorites’ list.

4) Drink Lots of Water.
Stay hydrated and fresh, is what Virat says. Cold drinks, desserts etc should be avoided. He prefers drinking only mineral water. The reason for this is to stay free from any water-borne diseases or health issues which can be avoided by drinking good quality mineral water.  This helps him stay healthy enough to play a stunning knock on the ground.

Simple tips mentioned above, we can easily incorporate.
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