Alarming Global Statistics Says Lack Of Fitness Contributes To Major Physical Illness

Alarming Global Statistics Says Lack Of Fitness Contributes To Major Physical Illness

We are living in a modern era that contributed the Tech revolution, we are more connected than ever before, and our life is easy today due to various technology advancements and inventions. In our journey towards the modern world somewhere we had left behind our Health and Fitness. It is getting complicated day by day for professionals to find time devoted in building up a healthy lifestyle. In this Data driven world we are aware but we are not alert.

According to Global Diabetes Epidemic Chart nearly 1 in 10 will have some kind of Diabetes by 2035. This shows how fast this illness is getting fast due to lack of fitness goals.  China rank 1st, India 2nd and US 3rd  followed by Brazil, Russia and other countries under maximum number of people suffering from Diabetes till year 2013 between age of 20 to 79.

Diabetes is one side of story there are many other illness that are rising at alarming rate, few among them is Depression, Anxiety, etc that is caused due to a busy life and constant connection with the internet. Researches had predicted that in coming time we will find a lot of people dealing with mental illness due to their obsessive attachment towards work and ignoring vital fitness values.

Studies have pointed at no exercise is lethal, inactivity leads to various health risk and contribute to major disease we are not aware of. One of them is coronary heart disease, type-2 diabetes, depression, metabolic syndrome, asthma, arthritis, breast and colon cancer, etc. Fitness Goals not only improve your health conditions but it also contributes towards long life. So it’s very important that right now you set your fitness goals and start working on the same.

One of the easiest ways is to begin from home. With a simple device you can start contributing towards your healthy lifestyle. Like a Fitness Tracker. A simple yet effective device that deliver vital insights about your body like Blood Pressure Monitoring, Heart Rate Tracker, Step Count, Sleep Tracking, etc. The devices are designed to offer you a platform where you can set your health goals and achieve them with time.

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