How To Easily Achieve A Good Health Along With Your Daily 9 to 5 Job ?

How To Easily Achieve A Good Health Along With Your Daily 9 to 5 Job ?

We spent a majority of our time in two things, first sleeping and second our daily job. It is not healthy to manipulate the sleep timings, 7 to 8 hours of daily sleep contribute a lot to the body repair, but the daily 9 to 5 job is something we can do certain adjustment. It is important to understand and work on the daily routing to keep some time aside for our health. The 9 to 5 job can cause weight gain, immunity issues, lethargy feel, fatigue, etc. That’s because we sit on a single place for a pretty long time, and our body is not designed for that.

To start for healthy routine even when you are on your desk you have to follow certain steps. You can prioritize this according to your ease of access. So let’s begin with the important check points to consider for maintaining our health during 9 to 5 job.

Focus On What You Eat: 

Never ignore the food you eat. Diet does not mean controlling the food, diet means managing your food ingredients, and understand how food can contribute to health. Add more vegetables and healthy proteins, don’t over eat, try to go home cooked food only, etc. This will help you to manage your weight. Habit of cooking is the best way to keep your body active, it is a kind of exercise that you can do after a day job, so head to the kitchen and cook your favorite healthy recipe.

Power Walk:

Whenever you have a chance do take a short power walk around your office. For example you can simply go for a short 4 to 5 minutes of a walk after a couple of hours, to avoid sitting at one place for very long time. Stretch your body a bit and then get back to your desk. This thing will help you to reduce back problems, sitting at one place for a very long time cause back issues. If there are stairs around try using them instead of lift.

Stay Motivated:

Printout a picture or set a wallpaper of the most inspiring athlete, body builder or any idol you want to be. Every day when you see the picture you will be motivated from inside to be active and fit, you have to train your mind to see good so that it can work on solutions under any circumstances. Give your brain a goal.
These are some the best way to stay fit, but there is more you can do. You can take help from the technology and get a Fitness Band, a simple but effective Bluetooth powered Smart Band that is designed for Blood Pressure Monitoring  has a Heart Rate Tracker, Step Counts like vital features. Also known as Talkband’s the fitness gadgets can deliver valuable insights about your daily health. Through the help of the data, you can analyze and achieve your fitness goals.

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