How To to Stop Cravings for Unhealthy Foods and Sugar?

How To to Stop Cravings for Unhealthy Foods and Sugar?

Many times, you’ve been advised not to eat junk food. They’re unhealthy. Eat homemade food. You might be bored of advices like avoid sugar intake etc. Such advises we tend to forget when we experience that strong craving as we encounter certain street food in front of us. Especially, when you return from work or college, you’re really hungry and you walk past your favorite eatery shop. You can’t just stop your legs from walking right towards that stall, just to enjoy every bite of that delicacy. I understand you guys. It’s happened with me too many times.

I controlled my cravings many times. You too must join me soon. Street food is considered ‘unhealthy’ due to its contact with flies germs etc. as its preparation is done in open areas. Hygiene maintained in preparation, serving etc is a question mark. If you consume such food, you increase your chances of falling ill. Here are few ways that would help you stop your unnecessary craving, from my practical experience.

  1. Drink Water.
    Thirst is often confused with hunger or food cravings. Drinking Water is the best solution to stop your craving. It’s when you fill your tummy with sufficient water, you feel full. You feel like eating nothing more. Whatever craving you have, automatically gets eliminated. And you lazily move towards your home instead of standing or waiting for that delicacy to be prepared.
  1. Don’t go Supermarket hungry.
    Have good quantity of food before leaving your home. Your stomach is full. So you won’t be getting tempted to eat that street food for which your stomach starts craving.
  1. Be Determined
    If you’ve already made your mind not to eat that eatery across the street corners, you won’t be tempted. Honestly speaking. This is my personal experience. You have to be determined enough to do this. Then only you can easily overcome the temptation.
  1. Get Enough Sleep.
    Some studies show that when you’re stressed, you crave for food. And you can’t really control yourself at that time. That’s why, one needs to get enough sleep. Even short power naps between your works do wonders; it’s a really good way to control your craving.
  1. Distract yourself.
    While you experience cravings, you need to distract yourself. Get yourself engaged with some other activity. Listen to music. Ring a call to your friend, talk to your family etc. This will help you overcome the craving.

These were few effective ways. Apart from above, there are many other ways to control your craving: eat spinach, increase protein content, and include nuts (walnuts, almonds, peanuts) in your diet. You not only control your craving, but also you keep yourself healthy, while cutting down your unnecessary expenses on unhealthy street food.

Hope I helped you with my suggestions; waiting for my words to have positive effect on you!