Know Your Heart Beats According To Your Exercise Zones

Know Your Heart Beats According To Your Exercise Zones

What is Heart Beat?

Heart Rate of any individual can be characterized as the speed of the heart beats that is estimated by number of compressions of heart every minutes (pulsates every moment or bpm). It varies according to the individual’s body physical needs and the activities they do; for e.g. physical exercises, sleep, anxiety, stress, illness and ingestion of drugs.
Research studies and as well various experts agree that normal resting heart rate for a human ranges around 50-90 beats per minute. It reduces to 40-50 beats per minute when we are sleeping which is normal. The wearable technology has come up with various health monitor gadgets such as blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors, and pedometer for more health conscious individuals.

If one’s beats per minute rises above 100 at rest, then the condition is called as Tachycardia (fast heart rate) whereas Bradycardia (slow heart rate) happens when beats are below 60 bpm while resting. Arrhythmia is a condition where the heart is not beating in a fixed regular pattern. You can easily check your bpm with a heart rate monitor. If there are abnormalities in heart rate, it can indicate disease or some medical condition.

What is Resting Heart Rate?

HRest or Resting Heart Rate can be known as heart rate when a person is awake in any neutral environment where the individual has no exertion or stimulation (for e.g. stress or surprise). For any adults, the usual heart rate is around 50 -90 bpm, and as for athletes or sport person, it ranges below 50 bpm.
HRmax or Maximum Heart Rate is defined as maximum heart rate which an individual can achieve without severe problems through exercise stress and it decreases with age.
In order to calculate HRmax, certain formulas are used and the most common and wide used one is by Fox and Haskell: = 220 – age.
(THR)- Target Heart Rate or Training Heart Rate is a heart rate count which is achieved during aerobic exercise that would help individual one’s heart and lungs so it receives maximum benefit from workout. The calculated ranges is based on age, sex, physical condition, previous training. The TRH is usually calculated as 65% -80% of the person’s HRmax which is also known as intensity.

Below is chart for THR, please refer it.

 If you want to know your heart rate in real time, a heart rate monitor is a good gadget to invest upon and keep your health in track. There are various activity trackers available in market.