‘Sonic’ Is The Next Version Of What A Wearable Device Can Be

‘Sonic’ Is The Next Version Of What A Wearable Device Can Be

It’s 2018 and the innovations are unstoppable, there are so many explorations in new technologies and gadgets. If you are an enthusiast in the fitness wearables market, here is a product which really does go beyond simply tracking the daily activity and heart rate. Called the SoulFit Sonic, the product features automatic activity tracking, sleep monitoring, and crystal-clear hands-free calling to name a few.

The fitness tracker is priced at a special offer of Rs 9,999 currently and is available on the company’s official website and other e-commerce platforms like Flipkart. The product will also hit Amazon soon.

Amongst others, what stands out is the sheer audio quality of the ear pod when answering a call. The voice is clear and well audible even when walking. The band counts steps while you use it as a Bluetooth talk band. Notifications are displayed when paired with a smartphone. The remote camera control is not bad – a single touch to the screen clicks a picture, although the device needs to be connected to the smartphone for this to work. Battery life is not bad at around 72 hours with these many features in a single smart band.

Currently, the talkband is available in matte black silicone body. The company plans to add more variety in the near future.

The SoulFit Sonic is easily the very best fitness tracker with a Bluetooth earpiece in it. The talk band is not overly expensive and offers unique fitness and lifestyle features which you do not see in a lot of the wearable gadgets out there on the market. It is a good-looking wearable tech that can match any mood. If you want to understand your vital health performance, and talk hands-free, the SoulFit Sonic is your ideal choice.