Soulfit Amazes Visitors At The Entrepreneurs Startup Summit 2018

Soulfit Amazes Visitors At The Entrepreneurs Startup Summit 2018

Friends! The 2018 Entrepreneurs Startup Summit brought on one of the biggest & smashing stories for the year on a stall. The 10th & 11th of March summoned Soulfit to share their business future views and show – off the Soulfit Sonic Talkband HR at the summit.

Stating the unsaid, the visitors were quite impressed on seeing the creation, and even brought talks on awareness on health and fitness and made many connections. The team charmingly convinced many buyers that the Soulfit Sonic Talkband HR wasn’t just for show. It’s made to solve your daily issues and help you accomplish long and short term goals.

Coming with an interesting set of features,

The Soulfit Sonic Talkband HR is a smart and stylish tech watch that highly aims to bring well-being to the human body. It encourages you to develop a habitual routine, which will effortlessly make you and your life happy and healthy with its specially made sleep, step and calorie burning monitor.

Many customers were amazed with this little watch owning a modified touch screen system, which makes perfect for when you’re checking images clicked, notifications and music. It comes with a modern and contemporary design and works well on the wrist. The loop hold brings firmness in hold for putting the watch to walk for 2 days, charged.

Questions? A perfect sentence answer –

The Soulfit team will forever believe to making lives better than the expected.

Audiences were totally bewildered by Sonic, these pictures speaks for it.

Over all, the stall put up by these Future Time Thinkers made the event a success and discharged buyers emotions on taking an attachment to the watch. The teams made a great amount of sales and attraction, and have done well in bringing this astonishing watch for a better future. Soulfit told many customers, that they wish to build a world in which people become a successful community that forms best for the future. The teams at the stall turned the Soulfit Sonic Talkband HR into a total stunner for all.

A truly amazing experience it was. The Team of Soulfit did great at The 2018 Entrepreneurs Startup Summit.
Stay tuned for more amazing events from Team Soulfit!