Soulfit Sonic: All-in-One Fitness Tracker And Talk Band

Soulfit Sonic: All-in-One Fitness Tracker And Talk Band

SoulFit Sonic is engineered with world-class elegant design and smooth edge. More than a gadget, SoulFit Sonic completes you on two grounds, one where you are dreaming of having a fit body and second to profitably stay connected with the world with it’s Talk band feature.

SoulFit Sonic features Air Split for comfortable long usage. Its ergonomic design like Airpod, you can comfortably use it anywhere anytime. Just pull up and apply for action, you can manage your calls, and music with trouble-free Bluetooth connectivity.

SoulFit Sonic is light weight and compact. Its sophisticated design has an array of features to help you in achieving your fitness goals. For example Heart Rate tracker is integrated in the compact design to offer vital health activity updates in real-time. Just adding SoulFit Sonic on a leather strap it turns into a fitness band, get Step Counts, Monitor Blood Pressure, Track your current Heart beat, etc are some of the prominent features it is built with. One click detaches and it turns into a ear-pod. Answer phone calls or control to choose your favorite music, everything via SoulFit Sonic.

Using SoulFit Sonic has a ear pod, its smart feature can help you to manage your call without much effort. For example it will auto-receive your calls if you wear it in your ear within the three seconds of pressing any button. Likewise if you don’t want to receive a call, just touch the ear-pod for three seconds to cancel or discontinue the call.

SoulFit Sonic is a multi-purpose gadget, build on an innovative viewpoint for professionals.