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Bluetooth Earpiece + Blood Pressure + HR Fitness Tracker



What if we tell you that Soulfit Sonic V08 is more than 'just a fitness tracker' ?
The Smart watch display detaches itself to become a Bluetooth Earpiece that can be used to answer a call or listening to your playlist.
And when its done, plug it back into the band and experience the TALKBAND.
Soulfit Sonic Talkband HR
Soulfit Sonic Talkband HR

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Know your highs and low
The accurate algorithm of our smart watch lets you keep tabs on your everyday log of Low and High blood pressure.
Track Blood pressure
Sonic lets you calibrate your blood pressure once, then you never have to worry again. It can check your blood pressure in a few seconds.
Automatic Blood pressure Monitoring
The Soulfit Sonic’s sensors intelligently monitor your body – even when you’re asleep – so that you get hourly updates on your blood pressure level.

Sleep Monitoring

Automatic Sleep tracking
Advanced motion detection accurately and precisely tracks sleep.
Schedule Sleep / Alarm
Get a personalized sleep schedule based on your sleep goals, recent trends and your wake-up target.
Know Sleep Insights
Daily logs of how long you’re sleeping and other insights to help you be well rested.
Soulfit Sonic Talkband HR


Understand your Heart Beat !
A single strap on your wrist monitors your heart rate at all times.
Your heart is talking to you. Are you listening?
If you want to get serious about your health and fitness, understanding your heart rate is key.


Control the tunes that control you ! Ergonomic earphone, comfortable to use, super sound quality. 2mm speaker, CSR8610 Bluetooth music chip gives you an unparalleled music experience.


medicine coffee alert


Get customized reminders so you never miss anything !



Stopwatch to finish your goals on time !

call notification alerts


Get call, text and other notifications on the go !

time to sleep


Bed time alerts to maximize your rest !