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Warranty Policy

Brandworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd. merits that the products sold by it are free from engineering defects for up to 1 year from manufacturing.

Warranty and Returns

  • Your original Soulfit Sonic is secured by a warranty of 12 months.

  • The warranty time frame starts on the date of procurement of the product. It would be idyllic if you hold your business receipt (or your warranty card) as proof of procurement.

  • Any product with manufacturing defect can be replaced within 5 days of purchase. This warranty is limited to the replacement of the product by Brandworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and all transportation, shipping and return costs shall be at your expense. We will reimburse the shipping in all genuine cases.

The accompanying cases are not secured by the above warranty

  • The unit is messed with, changed or repaired by unapproved people.

  • Used not in agreement with the documentation.

  • Impairment caused by third party equipment.

  • Mistreatment of the gadget, damage due to liquid ingress, or normal wear and tear.

  • Uncalled / unnecessary testing, operation, support, establishment, or any shift or alteration of the item.

  • NOTE: For the defective items or components are to be replaced or repaired, using new replacement parts shall be left to the sole discretion of Brandworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.