FAQS - Sonic


What and How?

General FAQs

a.) Pull the bluetooth earpiece out of the smartband, then touch the tap area to switch to earphone pairing interface and long press for 3 sec so it switches to bluetooth earpiece pairing interface .

b.) After the dynamic picture appears, the Bluetooth ear piece will send the pairing request, within 30 seconds user needs to find the Bluetooth Interface on the phone, then search for device ''Sonic V08'' and connect.

c.) An interface of will appear on the device if the pairing is successful.

d.) A identication of will appear on the time interface. The connection of pairing will be cut of temporarily if the user puts the bluetooth earpiece back to the base of the smartband, but it will repair if the user takes out the Bluetooth ear piece again.

e.) During this period, if the talk band HR or the phone has paired with other Bluetooth devices, then the Sonic V08 will need to be reconnected with the phone.

Perform the following operations to set up your Soulfit Sonic.

a.) Search for the H Band application in Google Play, the Apple App Store, and install the application on your phone.

b.) Press and hold the one touch key on your Soulfit Sonic to power it on.

c.) Open H Band , it will ask you to turn on Bluetooth so allow it. In Setting Tab, go to My device and search for Soulfit sonic and connect with it. Once the two devices are connected, go to the home screen of the application.and pull downwards on the home screen to perform an initial data sync. This will sync settings and other data to your Soulfit Sonic. When the synchronization is complete, you can start using your Soulfit Sonic.

The Soulfit Sonic supports caller ID display. If the caller ID can't be displayed, you may have denied the Soulfit Sonic's access to your contacts on the phone.

Your Soulfit Sonic is IP54 water and dust resistant, making it suitable for everyday use. It is strongly recommended that you do not wear your Soulfit Sonic while washing your car, swimming, diving or showering. If your Soulfit Sonic is dirty, wipe it using a piece of wet cloth.

Yes! Your Soulfit Sonic can count your steps while you are using it as Bluetooth Talkband.

If you have synced activity reminders to your Soulfit Sonic from your phone and your Soulfit Sonic is on, the activity reminders will remain active regardless of your phone's power status.

The Soulfit Sonic has undergone rigorous testing in all areas and repeated plugging / unplugging won't hamper it.

Yes. If your Soulfit Sonic only has 10% battery power left, a low battery icon will blink on the Soulfit Sonic' screen.

Use either of the following methods:

Method 1: When your Soulfit Sonic is connected to your phone through Bluetooth, you can view the Soulfit Sonic's battery level on the H Band application's settings screen.

Method 2: Wake up the Soulfit Sonic's screen to view the battery level displayed in bars. (The battery level is displayed.)

If you want to view the specific remaining battery level, go to the H Band application.

Device FAQs

The Sonic uses precision motion sensors and algorithms to determine the steps taken and active time simultaneously. This information along with your height, gender, age, and weight is used to quantify distance traveled and the amount of calories burned each day.

The Soulfit uses actigraph, accelerometer, a non-invasive method of monitoring human rest and activity cycles, to examine your sleep quality.

Currently, the Soulfit Band is available in Matt Black. Other color options will be available shortly.

Soulfit Sonic measures Activity and Sleep. In the Active mode, the Soulfit Sonic focuses on measuring steps, calories burnt, distance traveled. In the Sleep mode, the Soulfit Sonic measures time slept and quality of sleep. Additionally the Soulfit Sonic will also display time and with sedentary reminders and custom alarms for different purpose.

Use the provided charger to charge the Soulfit Sonic, by connecting both the Soulfit Sonic and the charger. During charge, the Soulfit Sonic will display a battery symbol.It takes approximately 90 minutes to charge Soulfit Sonic completely.

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